Wow, I am sorry guys—I just don’t have much to blog about!  I’ve been writing so much, it just seems hard to think of more words to put here. 

Well, there is one thing that is big on my mind but it’s actually incredibly sad, and I don’t usually put incredibly sad stuff on my blog.  It’s too big to ignore, though, so I am going to write about it anyway.  Proceed with caution.

The sad news is that one of Rocco’s classmates died over Thanksgiving weekend—a perfectly healthy seeming second-grade girl.  I don’t want to say much about it to protect the family’s privacy, but it hit us all hard, students, teachers, and parents alike.  It was the third tragic funeral I’ve attended in the past six months: a child’s teacher, a friend’s husband, and a little girl.  And it’s all made me think about how much all of us have lost, and how the holidays, as lovely as they are, can also bring that loss front and center again, like the angel atop a Christmas tree.  So I will share with you the letter I wrote this family who is grieving the loss of their little girl this Christmas and always.  I share this here for all of those who have loved and lost.

I want you to know how much we are all hurting along with you. I wish that by sharing your grief we could somehow lessen your own grief, but nothing can lessen the heartache of parents who have lost a child. Nine years ago, my husband and I said goodbye to our stillborn baby boy, and laying him to rest tore the hearts right out of our bodies. But through our whole ordeal, there was also so much beauty and love and yes, even laughter. Baby Angelo has been gone for nine years, and yet we still see the beautiful ripples he made when he touched down on Earth, reaching out and still doing good in this world. Your daughter’s light and joy will carry on, making the world a brighter place, even though she is gone. She will continue to spread beauty farther than you’ll probably even know. You will always know how deeply you are loved by friends and family and how many people are there to put you back on your feet when you fall down. You will always feel your daughter living inside your heart, doing her beautiful work from there. You will always be looking for signs that her light is still shining. And you will always find them.

So here I am, sending a big hug to all of you who have someone you are missing this Christmas season.

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Asparagus with hollaindaise sauce
Fresh bread
Candyshop pizza

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