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May 19, 2015

I just haven’t had time to write a proper blog post lately.  I haven’t had time for much of anything between coaching soccer, volunteering for during and after school events, shuttling kids to sports and…okay, I could fill up an entire blog post with the mundane details of my schedule but BLARGH.

Anyway.  I blog because otherwise I’m worried there will come a day when I’ll say, “Hey, did all of this stuff I keep talking about actually happen or was it all just a really long, bizarre, beautiful dream?”  Blogging isn’t my most accurate form of journaling, though, as it is also written for an audience (that’s you!) who I’d really like to make laugh.

Awhile back I started up a weekly journal where I just write stream of consciousness about my day—little moments and scenes I want to remember, or ones I know I’ll forget.  It’s not necessarily funny, it doesn’t have a point or message, it just…is.  Since I don’t have time to write something shiny for you today, it’s what you’re getting.  And so, with no further ado…

Tuesday, 5.19.15

Waking up tired and cranky from a rough night of sleep; Leo showing up in my bedroom buck-naked saying, “I peed in my bed;” setting him in the tub and wishing it were me soaking there instead; cleaning up last night’s dishes while making French toast, doing laundry, answering e-mails, dressing children, looking for everyone’s shoes, and packing lunches/snacks for the boys; coming out of the house for the bus stop to see Rocco putting Leo’s blue bunny helmet on him, Leo’s head lifted up trustingly; Leo screaming the entire way to the bus stop because Rocco was going faster than him (this is how it’s been on the way to the bus stop for two straight weeks); grabbing a 20-minute nap while Leo didn’t nap but at least played quietly in his room; crafting downstairs side-by-side with Leo and feeling totally annoyed whenever he needed my help; Leo later asking, “Why is your crafting taking so long?” and consoling himself with a book on the cuddle lounge by himself; me putting down my crafts to snuggle with him and read books for a half hour instead; finding a low point in my day plowing through our garbage and yard waste bins looking for a receipt (I found it!); heading into the library with my boys and an elderly lady saying, “Oh aren’t they cute?” and me seeing them through her eyes; the boys playing with the box of toys at speech therapy while I made a batch of cards; running over my foot with the cart at the grocery store and nearly crying and realizing maybe 20 minutes wasn’t long enough for a nap; Rocco asking if I needed a hug; coming home and continuing my crafting outside on the deck while Leo tried to blow bubbles over the roof and got so excited whenever he did; Vincenzo coming home and shortly after, a surprise visit by two of his best friends; the happy screams and shrieks of five boys in the bouncy house for the next half hour; dinner on the deck (this is the one week of the year when the weather is nice enough to eat outside but the wasps don’t bother us yet); Vincenzo reading a Magic Tree House book to his brothers; me going for a sprint run on the trail behind our house after dinner; pausing in the ravine on the way back inside and discovering our ten-year-old plum tree’s first ever plum (a solitary plum, but still!); being joined outside by Leo for a game of tether ball; watching Leo, who had forgotten I was there, as he blew and tossed dandelions, pulled up bushels of long grass to whack the trees with, stomped, played, and danced in the grass; coming back in to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my boys in bed while the sun turned my bedroom golden yellow; Leo asking me to sing “In the Jungle” before he went to sleep and joining in whenever he could (“a weemba way a weemba way…”); hearing giggling coming from his brothers’ room after lights out; coaching Kevin on making a white chocolate Bailey’s cheesecake because he got into a cheesecake cook-off with a coworker this week; finally finding time for a soak in the tub myself

So there you have it: the ups and downs, the busy-ness and calm, the mundane and magical, of a day in the life of MrsMouthy.

Pasta primavera
Copper River Salmon (thanks, Wendy!)
Triple layer devil’s food cake with 7-minute frosting

*All leftovers from the weekend, hence the lack of food prep in today’s journal entry


Happy Tuesday!

May 12, 2015

I just realized I never posted pictures from our train trip to Oregon…which is great because I can’t think of a single thing to blog about today.  So here.  Have these.

The best part of our trip was the first four hours and the final four hours of our trip—that’s the part we spent on the train.  I don’t know what it is about buying special snacks and activity books for the trip and then seeing my kids eat their special snacks and do their activity books that makes me so happy, but it does.  I was happy.


We found a caged in park in the middle of the city.  The kids didn’t even notice the lack of wood chips, though how I don’t know.


My boys played together for a good hour and, crazy enough, no one got bit!



Voo Doo donut line-up:


I think they put too much voo doo in Rocco’s donut:


I was proud of my lion pic from the zoo (Get it?  proud…pride…lions…oh never mind.)


But for some reason I liked this picture even better than my lion pic.


Lovers…or brothers?  It’s hard to tell.


These guys were tired.


So was this guy.


More trains, this time of the inner-city sort:


FYI, child labor laws do not apply at the Portland Children’s Museum:


The kids spent way too much time playing with a pile of bikes on a street corner:


Can’t get enough of dem trains:


Some people plan their trips according to where the best golf course is.  We plan them by book stores:


Train station time again:


And that’s a wrap!  We’re back where we started.


There were no Disney princeses, no theme parks, no rides, no water slides, no airplane ride, no tropical beaches, not even a swimming pool.  Someday we will go on a vacation that has one or more of those things in it but for now, this is the perfect kind of vacation for us. 

Mexican corn cakes with pulled pork
Brown rice



May 5, 2015

Leo, sitting at the table, asked the following question:

“Can I have some grobs?”
”What are grobs?” we asked.
”Grobs!” he said.
“Crabs?” we asked.
”No, grobs.”
”No, GROBS!” His voice was growing desperate.
”Grabs?  Cobs?”
”GROBS!   I want grobs!  Grobs!”  By now it was angry screaming, with despair, frustration, and hatred mixed in.  In case we didn’t get that, he added, “I am very angry at you!”

We told him we were sorry, but we were all out of grobs.  We would try to get some tomorrow.  We told him maybe he would like to have some crackers instead.

Raging at us and the world, he opened the cracker drawer, stamping his feet and crying, and then suddenly he cheered up and said in the most chipper voice ever, “Oh look, we do have grobs!”  And he happily brought them to the table and started eating, like he was the normal one and the rest of us were all a bunch of senseless psychopaths.

So just for future reference:




(Extra spaces added for suspense)






Fish tacos
Cumin black beans with feta
Lemon cake pops

*Not an actual thing.  I’m just trying to predict what Leo might ask for next.


And to Think that I Saw It…

April 29, 2015

The kids are on a roll today.  I caught Rocco heading out for school like this today:


I’ll give you one guess about what’s rolled up in his shirt.  (Hint: It starts with a “T.”)

2. I went downstairs to craft a bit and discovered this card in the kids’ crafting area:


3.  And also this one:


(On the inside was written “From Leo to Rocco” in Kevin’s handwriting.)

4.   I peeked in on Leo during nap, since he was making a lot of noise in there.  I found him like this:


The Prince and the Pea.

5.  Leo came out of his room a few minutes later telling me he had found a nose Lego.  “Nose Lego?” I asked.


Yep.  Nose Lego.

(Not to worry—Right after the picture I gave Leo a long, serious talk about not sticking things up his nose.  Except fingers, of course.)

Crock pot chili with Fritos
Fruits and veggies



April 28, 2015

Rocco, looking in at the pool where the elderly ladies were all doing their water aerobics: Mom are you old enough to join them in the pool now?


Leo: Are we going home, Mom?
Me: Yes.


Leo: Mom, am I God?
Me: No, Leo.  You’re not God.
Leo:  Then is Vincenzo God?

Rocco: Mom, which dad that owns that kid in the Minecraft shirt?

Rocco: Dad, where should I put this milkshake when I’m not using it?


Rocco, seeing this stack of onion rings being placed in front of us:


I’ll take the one on the bottom!

Chicken noodle soup
Fresh bread
Triple chocolate brownies a la mode


My boys “love” each other so much

April 22, 2015

Rocco and Leo were screaming downstairs so I called them up.  Two angry, tear-stained faces appeared at the top of the stairs.

Me: Rocco, tell me what happened.
R: I asked Leo if he wanted to play with me and he started screaming.
Mom: M-hm…and did you do or say anything else?
R: He was screaming, so I asked if he needed a hug, and he hit me.
Me: Leo, now you tell me what happened.

Maybe it was just me, but something seemed a little fishy about Rocco’s story, so I gave them both time outs. 

Since then, however, I have noticed Leo “Eddie Haskel” Nardo  run up to Rocco and hit him, spontaneously kick him, and smash his train set into oblivion wile Rocco pled, “Please don’t, Leo!  I worked hard on that!”  I have also bandaged Rocco’s bloody arm after Leo bit him for, Rocco said, “absolutely no reason,” and you know?  I’m starting to believe Rocco’s story.

On the other side of things, now Rocco has realized that he can send his baby brother into a fit of rage by offering to help Leo put on his helmet or by saying, “I love you, Leo.”  Not only does Leo start screaming, but Rocco gets hugged and praised by me for sharing messages of love and kindness with his baby brother.

It’s a tough position I’m in.  Leo falls off his bike and cries a bit.  Rocco says, “Are you okay, Leo?  Do you need a hug?”  Leo goes ballistic. 

What am I supposed to do?  Tell Rocco, “No, Rocco.  In this family we don’t talk to each other that way!”

Sigh.  I guess this, too, shall pass.  It’s just that this one is passing like a kidney stone.

Slow cooker marinara
Fresh linguini
Roasted asparagus
Steamed broccoli


More on Rocco

April 21, 2015

I’ve got enough on this kid lately that I might declare this Rocco Week—much like Shark Week if you replace all the blood with questions.

So I peeked in the bathroom the other night to see Rocco and Leo kneeling on the toilet seat (lid closed), peering into the tank of the toilet as it refilled.  Rocco was explaining to Leo how it worked. 

This might not seem all that amazing except that I have never explained this to Rocco; Kevin has never explained it to Rocco; no one has ever explained toilets to Rocco.  He just was sitting there going potty and a question about toilets popped into his head and he decided to figure it out himself.  Then he needed to drop this knowledge on his little bro.

The rest of the evening was punctuated by the sounds of all three toilets in our house being flushed, investigated, and explained to anyone who poked their head into the various bathrooms.

I never thought that the FFSSSHHH  of a toilet flushing would make me so proud.  But it did.

Salad (my usual)


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