Dragon quest birthday

It was the sausagefest of kids’ birthdays this weekend: kids making shields, whacking people with swords, chasing dragons, throwing rocks, putting out dragon fires, punching people for trying to be in front of them in line, etc. etc.  I’ll post the prettier version later this week, but here’s the ugly version to tide you over.

After way over-prepping the party and running out of things to cut, glue, tape, or paint a week ago, I managed to find a few new projects to fill my extra time this week.  Like paint these signs:



…and making these Cheeto torches:


…and trying to make this disastrous start to a cake turn into something less disastrous.  The frosting was actually white; I just sweat so much blood during the decorating of it that it turned out kind of reddish.


I got made fun of by pretty much everyone for cutting about 100 baby carrots into dragon claws.*


BTW, has anyone seen my pointer finger around here?


As for the paper mache rocks, my sister used them to turn the fireplace into a dragon’s cave.  The kids stood there for quite a while, ooo’ing and aaaah’ing over them.  Or maybe they didn’t notice them at all.  Either way:



Anyway.  Fun was had.  Stay tuned.

Plum sandwiches with pesto, crispy onions, and blue cheese
Roasted red pepper and tomato soup
Steamed green beans


*The worst part about this is I forgot to take a picture of the carrot dragon claws at the party so I cut a whole bunch more the day after the party just to take a picture of them.  (If you don’t believe me, check out the level of the punch bowl.)  Can someone please medicate me now?

8 thoughts on “Dragon quest birthday

  1. I think that this is by far the coolest birthday party that Madison has ever missed. Erik keeps telling me that I shouldn’t feel too badly about it since I only had 5 minutes notice before the party started but I just can’t help feeling like I should have been better prepared.

  2. Just know you are not alone my friend. Notice I didn’t make fun of the claws. I thought they were perfect and totally made the party1

  3. MAN- looks like the party was fabulous, and tiring. I’ll bring a bottle to soccer, filled with vodka no one will know the difference.

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