Kids. They say cute things.

1. Vincenzo, getting concerned listening to the side effects of a product during football commercials: “We don’t drink that, right, Mom?”  I assured him it wasn’t so no, he did not need to worry about erections lasting longer than six hours.  Thank you, Viagra.

2. V on volcanoes: Dad, do you know what lava is made of? 
Kevin: No…what?
V: Poisonous acid.

3. V on volcanoes II: Did you know that lava has killed 200 people in the whole world?

4. Rocco waves bye-bye to his dad every morning.  Awhile back he started waving bye-bye anytime he saw Kevin.  Then he took to waving bye-bye to photos he saw of him.  But I think he took it a little too far when this picture came up on the computer last week…


and Rocco waved bye-bye at it.  It’s sweet and kind of sad at the same time, isn’t it?  Here’s a link to a touching song written about a boy with a similar thing going on.

5.  Yesterday Vincenzo said, “Mom, I know that behind Earth is heaven, but what’s behind heaven?”  I told him I didn’t know—only God knows.  Then he started talking about how heaven is behind the clouds, so it seems like there has to be something behind heaven.  So I drew him a picture of the universe.

I think I know what it feels like to tell kids the truth about Santa.

Omelet-wrapped quesadillas
Sweet potatoes with orange, roasted walnuts, and toasted marshmallows

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