Dragon Quest Birthday Party

Yes, again.  I just got my BIL’s pictures of the party so I thought I’d do the whole shebang for those of you who want to recreate the party on some weekend you’re bored or whatever.  Sorry if any of these shots are repeats!

The guests were invited to a quest to return seven magical eggs to the fearsome dragon FlameFright before he broke free and wreaked havoc on our peaceful village.


When the kids got to the house they decorated shields to carry with them on the quest.  (My sister cut these boards out of pine wood and we mounted a drawer pull on the back of each one.  Add sequins and VOILA!)


Then Kevin told the young comrades it was time to travel to the land of dragons to find the seven magical eggs, so they had to travel in this gigantic hamster wheel thingy over an “ocean” (blanket) and “mountains” (pillows).




Next up the kids were led to a big pile of “swords” (blow-up bats) that they’d need to fight the dragon, but as soon as they got their swords these two crazies came out shooting marshmallows, potatoes, and balls at them:


Once the questers chased them off it was down to the train tracks for dragon fight training.  It was really just an excuse to throw rocks at a sign down there because ROCKS!  BOYS!  ROCKS AND BOYS!



On the way back up the kids had to put out a fire that FlameFright had lit by gathering all the flames on the playhouse (my sister stuck the flames on it during the rock throwing):


Finally came the big ROOOAAAAARRRRRR everyone had been waiting for, and the fight was on!


The dragon was beaten into submission—actually he was beaten until he spewed candy.  My sister sewed his dragon costume onto a pair of sweat pants and she made it so that the dragon stomach opened with a few strips of velcro so that Kevin could spew candy like a human pinata when the beating got too rough. 


FlameFright’s eggs were returned and treasure was had. 


Because I am a nerdy teacher at heart, the treasure box was stuffed with How to Train Your Dragon books.  Books, kids!  Treasure!  But because I did not want to also be beaten into submission at my son’s birthday party, there were also candy, bubbles, necklaces, compasses, party blowers, etc.


They filled up their treat boxes…


…then headed inside for lunch, serving up:

Dragons-in-blankets (which are AWESOME!  Croissant-wrapped cheesy hotdogs—I added “zzzzz” flags to make it completely obvious these are dragons.  In blankets.))


Dragon claws


Cheeto torches


Dragon blood punch


And of course, a dragon cake.


For more party details you can check out this post and that post.

And now I bring you THE QUEST: Kids Farting Around to Epic Music.


6 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Birthday Party

  1. My favorite part was seeing Ds face as he heard the dragon’s roar- pricless. My second most fave? Baby Roaring Rocco!

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