Me! Moi! Mi!

I am a former middle school/junior high teacher who now stays at home to raise my own spawn.  I am raising my 3 boys and being watched over by our “angel baby”–a stillborn son who died in utero of Trisomy 13 complications in 2008.  I blog about my family in a way meant to make you feel better about yours.  A note from school saying my son peed his pants because he was waiting to be called on is WAY more fun to blog about than a glowing report card any day. 

If you want more of this, e-mail me at rachelabeto (at) hotmail (dot) com

(I have no idea why people write their e-mail addresses like that, but I’m not one to question the system.)

2 thoughts on “Me! Moi! Mi!

  1. Don’t hate me, but you’ve been tagged.

    Say, say, oh blogmate,
    Won’t you come play with me,
    And bring your dolly three,
    Climb up my apple tree,
    Slide down my rainbow,
    Into your cellar door,
    And we’ll be blogger friends…
    forever more, more, more, more, more!

    Heh heh?

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