Happy birthday baby Rocco…for reals this time!

We celebrated Rocco’s birthday this weekend, a week late so sue me.  We went for the “crazy hair” theme, as his hair self-faux-hawked for a good chunk of his first year. 

The invitations, front and back:


The guests, some front and some back:


The food (angel hair pasta, natch):


And whatever you call this (also natch):


And this cake which I couldn’t figure out how to tie into the hair theme.  Then as I was mixing the batter, an idea struck.  The hair doesn’t have to be on the outside for it to be thematic, does it?  Hee heeeeee.


My living room carpet was on hand to alert everyone to the fact that our housekeeper had to cut back to once a month (no, those are not dirt marks on your computer screen).


But in this day and age, who needs a housekeeper?  I’ve got photo editing software!


Something’s been bothering me about Rocco’s hairstyle lately.


I couldn’t quite pin it down until I searched around the Internet a little…

Cameron Diaz

Yup, that’s it.*

More on Rocco’s party later this week because you know you want it.


*If you don’t know what this picture is of, first of all Hi Mom and secondly it’s from the movie “Something About Mary” where this girl, due to a series of comical mishaps, accidentally used some guy’s semen to gel up her bangs.  It’s a classic reference.

5 thoughts on “Happy birthday baby Rocco…for reals this time!

  1. I’ve never enjoyed food so much at a little kid’s party. I hope the hair in the cake was Rocco’s.

  2. I want to be you, or your son, or your best friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could make all three happen, considering what you did with those fruit kabobs.

  3. Renee–You’ll have to be my sister, her son, and her best friend, as she masterminded the fruit kabobs. But I’m flattered to be given credit for her work.

    Tricia–So I am, my friend, so I am.

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