Happy Halloween!

This year we only have two jack-o-lanterns because Vincenzo brought his to a pumpkin carving party where they didn’t carve pumpkins but instead drove around thinking trying to find something to do until 11PM when they finally gave up, went to their respective houses, and played video games together. The pumpkin didn’t make it back.



Rocco carved his own this year! Leo’s is a “stripey shirt pirate” inspired by his role as Smee. (He didn’t want to get sued by Disney for calling it Smee.)

Boba is going as roadkill.


Matcha is going as Pet Mah Belly.


But the real reason I’m here today is to post a picture of my friend Laurie, wearing her own jack-o-lantern.


And this is why we have been friends for 26 years. (Good Lord! I met her in college, and it’s been 26 years? How old am I?!)

Dominoes pizza

They’ve Arrived!

I know there were things I did before kittens. I know life was full and busy. I had hobbies and to-do lists. I think I worked sometimes? I fed and cleaned up after some other beings. What were they?

Okay, I honestly can’t remember.

Oh right! I used to blog! I should totally do that again! But what does one blog about when one has spent a week solid hanging out in the cloffice with kittens?

Oh right! How many hours of videos should I post here? All of them?! Y’alls crazy! Let’s start with a couple pictures.




The gray is a girl and the black a boy. Sister and brother. I am no longer the only female in the house! *throws confetti*

We went through many name ideas. Princess Buttercup and Inigo Montoya, Boba and Binx, Samoa Joe and Razor Ramona, before settling on our original choices of Boba (him) and Matcha (her).

Boba enjoys growling when he catches his favorite toy and acting like he wants to be pet, then sitting just out of arm’s reach. He will wake from a dead sleep to play if you walk into the room with a toy.



Matcha wants to be worn like a neck scarf. She also enjoys being a prairie dog, getting into tight places, and climbing curtains.



(Checking to see if she fits so she can sits.) (She does.) (She fits everywhere.)

They both want to eat my face. It is hard to take a picture of two cats trying to eat my face, but this one gives you an idea.


Matcha jumps gracefully into a high-up box. Boba studies her carefully. He jumps. Biffs it. Licks a paw and walks away like that’s what he was trying to do. He is a mouser; she’s a birder. He is infantry, she is air force.

The boys, you can imagine, are ecstatic and cannot get enough of the cats, playing, snuggling, laughing.

You can stop imagining now. The boys are completely uninterested in the cats.


I had to give him a candy bar to take this picture.

In conclusion, cats!


Kitty cats!




Leftovers, including…
Pasta with fontina and prosciutto
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Roasted broccoli
Bread (thanks, MIL!)
Chocolate cheesecake
PB&J thumbprint cookies

Feeling Squashed

Well look who came through after all!


Good ol’ butternut squash.

I texted that picture to my mom and sisters and you know what they said? They accused me of going to the store and buying butternut squash to trick them.

I started to write an incensed text back about how next they were probably going to accuse me of buying dozens and dozens of cucumbers just to fool them into thinking I grew all those too. But then I deleted the text because that does sound just like something I’d do.

Seriously, did I even grow these?


Or is it just part of an elaborate scheme to make myself look better than anyone else in my family who tried to grow vegetables this summer?


And are those babies even real?


We may never know.


Tuna melts
Chicken noodle soup
Pan-fried cauliflower
Chocolate chip cookies