Train birthday party

For anyone looking to throw a train party…

train party

Kevin made a crossing arm that guests lifted up to enter the house (I would have just gone the wrapping-paper tube route, but he stepped it up a notch.)


A few more details…


When kids showed up they got to paint a train (thanks to the in-laws for moving here and providing a ton of boxes).  I repurposed the extra lab coats from our Mad Scientist party to be painting smocks.



I wanted the kids’ lunches to be simple and for parents not to be frazzled getting lunch for their own kids, trying to get them to the table, cutting things down, etc. so I bought some take-out boxes, made stickers for them, and filled them with train-shaped sandwiches, boxed raisins, bagged carrots, chips, and juice.  The ozone cried a little bit from all the packaging but lunch felt so easy and calm compared to usual—plus the kids were really excited to discover their boxes’ contents.


After lunch I gave all the kids an engineer hat, bandana, and train whistle, as well as a scavenger hunt sheet (forgot to take a picture) and we headed down to the train tracks behind our house.  I set up a photo op with an old box I ordered on E-bay and a red suitcase, borrowed from a friend.  My BIL took pictures of anyone who wanted them; I’ll post those later.



The cake idea is from Family Fun and super easy!



Cake was eaten, fun was had, and guests left with this:


I’ll give you the real scoop on how the party went when I fully recover from it.  Whew!

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