Thoughtless Thursday: car birthday party

We celebrated Rocco’s birthday this weekend.  I usually take birthday parties “off” from photography but I did get some of the details beforehand (and I know my BIL got some of the party, yet to come).

The problem with assembling and decorating the napkins/plasticware two months ahead of time is that you forget you did it and the morning of the party you wake up thinking, “OMG I FORGOT TO EVEN BUY PLASTICWARE AND NAPKINS!!!”  So you run to the store, come home, and set up this:


And then you remember about the ones you already assembled and you spend a half hour looking for this:


I went easy on the food since food is evil when I’m pregnant: hot dogs, fruit, veggies, popcorn, and my sister’s wagon wheel pasta salad.



I put this checkered contact paper just about everywhere I could find (McStreamy and Spawn are rudely blocking the full view of the contact paper on the chair in the first picture):



The contact paper was also on cupboards, some windows, and the coffee table.  In completely unrelated news, we’re planning on sanding down and refinishing our coffee table this weekend.

I made and hung this car curtain in the kitchen doorway.  It looks barely there in the picture but my husband made it clear it was incredibly annoying to walk through.


This seemed like the trendy thing to make this year:


I didn’t get a great cake picture; you can’t really tell that McQueen and Finn McMissile racing around a track.  But they are.


I served glasses of milk with the cake since that’s what the Indy 500 racers drink when they win.  I don’t think anyone in the room had any clue, and I wasn’t exactly positive myself, but do you think that stopped me?


And finally: gift bags.


My mom said she doesn’t understand why someone would spend so much time decorating for a party that only lasts a couple hours.  I can’t really explain; I just know it makes me really happy.  And maybe my kids won’t need quite as much therapy as I do when they grow up.

(Leaving myself wide open on that one…)

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