Apple Doesn’t Fall Far…

Leo brought home a summer bucket list he made at school, and now I’m not feeling so bad about mine.


It reads: “I win two coloring contests, become a billionaire, go to Disneyland, and win America’s Funniest Home Videos.”

Good luck, little guy.  Good luck.

Grilled salmon
Wild rice & tangerine salad
Fresh fruit
Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate ganache


Summer is mere days away so as always I am 100% excited and 100% anxious, which makes me 200% crazy.  And excited!  And antsy!  And nervous!

The excited part of me can’t wait for beaches and museums, bikes piled up on our front yard, shady afternoons under the deck, sunny evenings on top of our deck, hikes and popsicle trucks and messy crafts that make me wonder why I  let the kids do crafts ever.  I’m desperate for long afternoons reading books to the boys in every available couch, fort, secret hideout, grassy patch, artificial turf, hammock, lap, and bed available at our house.

The anxious part of me is all questions.  When am I going to work out?  What about writing?  What if I try to write so much it ruins summer?  What if I am so busy summering it ruins writing?  How can we have long, lazy summer days and adventurous, action-packed ones at the same time?  What if we’re don’t spend enough long afternoons reading everywhere?  What if summer is TOO SHORT AGAIN?!

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know I always make a summer bucket list.  I decided not to last year, then ended up making two fabulously color coded ones.  This year I decided not to fight the list.  I’ll just keep it simple.  Ten things, tops.

My plan did not work.  The list is twice as long as last year’s.  So now I invite you to close up your computer and resume to rest of your day. 

Please do not read the rest of this blog.  It will just cause you to break out in hives and run around the house from room to room yelling, “THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME!” to no one in particular.

Summer List 2018

Make popsicles
MOHAI museum
Houghton Beach—tons!
Bellevue Park
Sammamish State Park
Grasslawn Park
Make popsicles
Water balloon fights
Sand art
Leaf rubbings
Name monsters
Spin art
Pacific Science Center
Capilano with Kevin
Mt. Rainier
Whidbey Island
Read absolutely everywhere
Maker’s space at library
Evergreen State Fair
Ballard Locks/visit Kevin
Bike trail to frozen treats
Rocco’s perfect day
Leo’s perfect day
Vincenzo’s perfect day
Remlinger Farms
Play tennis with boys
Tile printings
Circuit kit
Rock tumbling
Organize boys’ rooms
Redesign firetruck room with boys
Scavenger hunts
Barbecues with EVERYONE
Storm game
Bus to Pike Place
Visit Silverdale
Carillon Woods
Crossroads water park
Play in tent in yard
Lemonade stand
Underground tour
Peter Kirk pool
Science experiment day


Jap chae
Egg flower soup
Summer fruit!!!!
Sticky brittle (damn you, humidity!)

Little Funnies

Just a few funnies:

1. This is how hard-core they are at my kid’s school. 


What kind of messed up version of beer pong is this?

2. Me to Leo: Did you sleep like a log last night?
Leo: No; I slept like a ball!

3. Leo: How many years until my birthday?

4. A conversation from making gravy with the boys:

Rocco: How do you know if there’s enough salt?
Me: You taste it and see if it makes your mouth sing.
Leo: I’ll turn the music off.
Me: Why?
Leo: So we can hear if the gravy is singing.

5. My nephew, at the pool: “MOM, COME INTO THE WATER.  I WANT TO MOTORBOAT!”

Chicken in mole
Something green