Minecraft Party II

No, you did not miss a Minecraft Party I installment this week…this is simply the second Minecraft party I’ve hosted for my boys in the past 10 months.  Rocco has always loved everything Vincenzo does, so when hid older brother had a Minecraft party last September, Rocco was sold.

Great!  I thought.  I can use some of the decorations and activities again!

Sometimes I can be so naïve.

First of all, we don’t live in a house at the present moment so we had the party off site, at a bouncy house place.  There went all the activities I planned for Vincenzo’s party.

Second, we needed to buy plates, napkins, and plastic ware and I let Rocco choose the color and he picked teal everything because, he said, teal is the most Minecrafty color there is.

For those who have never seen Minecraft before, here’s a typical screenshot of the game:


So of course none of the brown and green decorations I had made for my older, more sensible child would do.  This, Rocco told me, was going to be a diamond Minecraft party.  That is so very Rocco.

Anyway, here are the pictures from our teal, not-at-home, six-year-old’s diamond Minecraft birthday party.

The food:


(Not pictured: 6 large pizzas, circular in nature and hence not officially recognized at this party.)

And if any of you remember the buffet wall being red with a giant hand sanitizer message hovering behind the buffet…


Then you must have been in the wrong party room.

I loved these little guys:


Rocco’s brothers had conveniently gifted him with Minecraft torches for his birthday, which ended up as table decorations:


(Pay no mind to the juice box at the far right—it got in trouble and had to face the wall for a bit.)

The cake(s):


Since there were 20 kids in attendance and about as many adults, I wanted something easy to grab and go.  These were fun and stress-free!  And if that evening the kids had a hard time falling asleep, it probably had nothing to do with the scoop of espresso I threw in the brownies.  That was for the parents.

The bouncing:


The favors:


The six-year-old:


He is one big little dude, and I’ll try to write more on him in a couple days.  All I need is a year or two to try to put this kid into a nutshell.

It’s summer.  Seriously, who cooks in summer?!

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