Everything Is Awesome Party

The theme for this party came up in two ways. 

1) Rocco decided way back when that he wanted a Lego party
2) If you ask Rocco and his brothers how their day was or how they are or how they liked such-and-such, they always answer, “AWESOME!”  My favorite was when Vincenzo was sick and threw up and I asked him how he was feeling and he weakly said, “Awesome.”  They are that committed to awesomeness.

So Everything Is Awesome it was.  Kevin declared this the party of the most unnecessary decorations, but I reminded him of a few parties in the past and he withdrew his comment.  Here’s the quick view:

lego party pic collage

I was not going to go overboard for this party, but oops.  It’s not my fault, though!  I had planned one activity: build your own Lego car.  I couldn’t help it if my brother had just built an “awesome” wooden race track that he was happy to lend me.  I couldn’t help it that my friend who hosted a Lego party last year gave me two bags of decorations, activities, and a giant plastic Lego head begging to be filled with pirate booty.  And I wasn’t going to stop the babysitter when he made a “Happy Birthday Rocco” sign out of Legos.  It’s not my fault!

It’s also not my fault that the plasticware holder the kids built out of Legos looked like this—Rocco filled it up.


Anyway, when the kids arrived they each got to choose a bag of Legos for building a car—all the bags were slightly different.  Letting the kids pick out Legos from the Lego store and stuffing the bags was a fun activity in itself!

2Z6A61522Z6A6235 (1)

It was so fun to listen to the kids tell you all about their cars.  Like Vincenzo’s, which was covered in machine guns and which he said was Mexican. 


Then began the racing, and it never really stopped—the party has been over for three days now and my boys keep building and modifying cars to send down the ramp!


Inside, kids could decorate Lego faces.


They could color in some Lego guys with Lego shaped crayons we made.


And they could stand near the Lego doors I decorated that Kevin keeps making fun of me for.


For the cake we just made a bunch of Lego “chocolates” (I use quotation marks because I know the candy melts aren’t chocolate and am not quite convinced they’re edible), dug up some mini figures to hold the candles, and voila!  So simple that Rocco got to decorate it himself!




And at the end of the party we put on The Lego Movie.  It was such a relief to sit and be quiet after all the wildness of the party—I think I will end every party with a movie from here on out!  (Here you see my newphew, watching the movie in his most relaxed pose.)


And now this little twerp is FIVE!  I’m not sure the world is ready for the five-year-old version of Rocco yet, but as this post isn’t really about him, per se, I’ll have to wax poetic on a different day.


Thank you, Michael, for making my party look way prettier than it actually was with your photography!

One thought on “Everything Is Awesome Party

  1. I thought maybe, just MAYBE, you were waiting for a comment on this post before you decided to write another. I thought, I CAN DO IT! Here it is “What an AWESOME lego party!”. Okay, feel free to write a new post because I am ready for more amazing pictures from the Beto household.

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