Missing MrsMouthy?

Oh dear Andrea, you are correct.  I had made a silent pact with myself to not blog until someone commented on my last post, and even more specifically it had to be you who commented on that post, and it had to be today, at precisely 8:32AM, or I would never blog again.  So thank you for saving Mrs. Mouthy, dear friend.

Actually, I’m on vacation in Lake Chelan with all my brothers/sisters/nieces/nephews/parents, so since 95% of my readers are currently with me there’s not much point in blogging, is there?  This one goes out to the other 5%. 

So far this week we took the dam tour, married two of the cousins to each other, participated in the zucchini races, charged people $1 every time they said the word “Troy’s,” and fed the kids donuts topped with chocolate bars for breakfast on multiple occasions.

Think I’m exaggerating?


There’s a lot of randomness throughout our days.  For example, while I’m blogging my sister is teaching half of the family to knit while the other half is attempting to launch water balloons into the neighbors’ backyard.  If you’re not vacationing with us, you’re vacationing against us.

There is a pool at the house we rent so we are in the sun and water from before-breakfast-time until after-dinner-time, and my skin is just about ready to be turned into a nice handbag.  Some members of the family have been rubbing olive oil on their skin to try to make it look more, you know, skin-like.    My lips are so chapped they wish they could walk off my face and find a cool rock to live under.  The most exciting moment of yesterday was when I changed out of my swimsuit and got to wear underwear for a couple hours.

But all in all we are having a fabulous time and I know you all want to hear about the wedding, so I will blog more on that the next time I’m wearing underwear, whenever that may be.  Until then, enjoy this sweet picture of my middle child savoring a peach on a beautiful summer evening.


4 thoughts on “Missing MrsMouthy?

  1. Thank You :). I feel content now that someone is leading a parallel life. Aaron is in town with all his kids and our days are jam packed with activities, most of which revolve around feeding the 8 kids!

  2. Sometimes the 5% includes friends of friends who live in Virginia and creepy stalk your blog…I mean, really enjoy your blog about the adventures of your beautiful family 🙂

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