Pumpkin Personalities

Our jack-o-lanterns are not quite like the ones you’ll find in a Martha Stewart magazine, but they are getting a little specialized.

You can probably predict what Rocco wanted on his if you’ve ever met him or read this blog for any length of time.


(Rocco micromanaged every cut and scrape we made, also in typical fashion, and when we were finished he loudly let us know that we did it all wrong.)

Vincenzo, my book worm, ordered up a Harry Potter pumpkin then went to the couch to read while I carved it:


And Leo’s pumpkin was a no-brainer.  We made to look like him!


How’d we do?


Happy Halloween everyone!


Domino’s pizza
Salad (thanks, B!)
Caramel whiskey apple cider

Halloween week continues…

My sister made a Halloween costume for her little boy last year but he ended up sick and couldn’t wear it.  That means Leo got to debut it this year.  The question is…who or what was he?

A) Professor Plum


B) The Joker


C) A Pimp


Before you make your decision, one last picture:


Made your guess?  Feeling confident?  WRONG.  He was Professor Plum.  (It would have made more sense if Kevin had worn our BIL’s Coronel Mustard costume from last year.)

Unfortunately for us this year, my sister’s son did not puke on the day of their Halloween party, but fortunately he would not wear the adorable costume my sister made him.  He was supposed to be a chef but would only wear a hat, so we had to call him the Naked Chef.


Anyway, since the chef costume needs its chance to shine, we can’t wait for next year!

Roasted fall vegetable and goat cheese pizza
(Pepperoni for the kids)
Tomato and red pepper soup
Key lime pie

Mr. Batman and Mrs. Batgirl

We’re going to a Halloween party tonight.  Kevin said he’d buy costumes.  He chose Batman and Batgirl, and then two days later these came in the mail.



Maybe I took one too many Equality for Women courses in college, but something seems a little off here.  To put it further in perspective:


Kevin said, “What?  Am I just too fun for you?”  I told him I think he is going to make a VERY sexy Batgirl.

Big Government and Other Funny Things

1. These are all mate-less socks from today’s laundry.


Now, I am no fan of big government but SERIOUSLY—someone should be monitoring the manufacturing of white socks with blue stripes, for the mental health and well-being of us all. 

2. Rocco, at dinner: Mom, why do salmon have legs?

3. Leo, walking into a room at the Museum of Flight and seeing a gigantic Earth rotating near the ceiling: “BALL!  BALL!”

4. Kevin told me he wanted to make hamburgers this week.  He went to the store to buy what he needed to make them and came home with this:


Something tells me we’re going to need bigger buns.

5. Rocco, in our back yard: Look, Mom!  I caught a salamander!


Fish Hatchery

When Vincenzo was in preschool I took him on field trips with his best friend about once a week and now that Rocco has reached the field trip age I decided I should start them up again.  I even found Rocco a preschool buddy to join him so I can’t be accused of being unfair…although I know my boys and I am sure they will find some unfairness in how fairly I raised them.

Anyway, last week was the fish hatchery.  Vincenzo had a half day and got to join us.  (I know.  UNFAIR!!)  Here are the boys watching the salmon head upstream to do their thang:


Yup, just a bunch of backsides.  Butt I guess that’s the sign of a good field trip.

Chocolate chip pumpkin cake

(Remember when I used to make like five different things for dinner?  Good LORD I am busy these days!)

3rd and 4th anniversary

I forgot to post the gift Kevin got me to celebrate our 3rd anniversary last month.  Traditional gift is leather but he said he couldn’t think of anything to get me.  Nothing at all came to mind.

Leather Jacket (1)

Okay, kidding about the last one.  Actually one anniversary gift website suggested “faux lingerie” but added that this should come with another gift (because we all know who the lingerie is really for).  They also suggested a donation to PETA for a 3rd anniversary gift.  Maybe that could be the second gift?

Anyway, since there was absolutely nothing Kevin could think to get for the leather anniversary, he opted for the modern gift theme of crystal.


As for the fourth anniversary, it was my turn to buy and the gift was candy/flowers.  I have always wanted to get someone this bouquet, and as my husband’s favorite color is “rainbow,” I just couldn’t hold back.


These are selfies.  Kevin obviously couldn’t hold back either.  You know what they say: once the husband, never the bride.  Well this husband finally got his moment.

Stuffing-stuffed chicken
Buttered broccoli
PB Rice Krispie treats

Pumpkin time!

We headed out to a pumpkin farm this weekend.  There was corn, there was pumpkin launching, there was a 3-D pumpkin adventure, there was a tractor ride and kettle korn and cider and all the things that mean I should really clear those beach buckets and shovels out of the back of our van and face the reality: I am now officially behind on my Christmas shopping.

I knew the pumpkin farm was going to be a bloggable event when Vincenzo read a sign in the parking lot then asked, “Mom, what does ‘angel parking’ mean?”

I snapped this picture of Leo coming through the corn maze…


…then decided it would look better if I squatted down to take the picture.  The result:


The sarcasm runs deep in this family.

Rocco must have been royalty in a past life.  Case in point: his facial expression.


Here is a great shot I got of a fruit fly resting on the palm of Vincenzo’s hand:*


Not sure what happened in this picture, but I can only guess it might have something to do with the stem of the pumpkin…


On the way home Rocco said he wanted to eat 41 pieces of kettle korn so he kept putting one piece in his mouth then ordering us, “Count!”  Kevin obliged and called out the numbers.  After he ate five Rocco said, “No!  Count LETTERS.”  Then he told us what he just realized about math:

“7 + D + 70!”

He then sang the ABCs in a mixed-up order and concluded with, “Now you know my ABSings…”  Leo listened to all this way too intently for our comfort and we likely be forever confused about the ABSings and how easily letters and numbers add together.

In conclusion, here are a few pretty pictures for your viewing pleasure:






*It’s there.

Shopping sans kids

It came to pass today that I found myself on a trip to Costco without any children in tow and WOW.  It’s hard to explain what that felt like.  It was cathartic, it was dream-like.  It was like the minute during labor that your epidural kicks in and you go from being crazy, panicky, and loud to being calm, serene, and collected.  But it’s not so much what I did at Costco as what didn’t happen that made it so other-worldly.

No one, for example, was suddenly starving and had to eat a piece of pizza before we could enter the store.

Since we weren’t eating pizza, no one suddenly had to go to the bathroom that is half a mile away and then return to the eating area to find that all our food had been tossed and we had to start over.

No one fought about where he wanted to sit in the cart.

At no point did my cart have so many boys hanging onto its sides that it wouldn’t fit down an aisle.

No one needed to change where they were sitting in the cart every ten steps.

No one tried to squeeze himself into the bottom part of the cart below the basket, and no one tried to also fit, and no one screamed at each other because neither would fit together.

No one filled up the entire shopping trip with questions like, “Why are we buying bread because we need it to make sandwiches?” and, “Why do they have lights to make it so we can see in the store?”

No one cried.  Nobody!  Not even a little!

No one insisted that they push the cart instead of me. 

Because of that,no one had to apologize to other shoppers when the cart rammed into them.

No one tried to pry my fingers off the shopping cart handle because he was feeling threatened by my invasion of what was clearly his territory.

No one got tired of being in the cart and had to be carried for most of the time while I also pushed the cart with the two boys on its sides and did the shopping.

No one was overcome with the immediate need to pee (yes, AGAIN) when I was next in line to check out.

-I did not hand the cashier an opened, half-eaten, ravaged bag of Cheetos that we essentially stole first, then paid for.

No one tried to push all the buttons on the credit card machine.

No one fought about who got to hold the receipt on the way out of Costco.

No one mauled anyone down to be the first in the car.

And one person was feeling so thrilled by this hour of independence that she followed up the Costco trip with the Starbucks drive-thru, not because she wanted coffee necessarily but just because she wanted to experience a little more of no one.

And it was good.