Maybe five’s not that big after all

I got to go to school with Vincenzo for his birthday yesterday.  He had chosen to be a hawk when he woke up that morning, so during circle time all he would say to the teacher’s questions was “caw” (yes) or “caw caw” (no) or “caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw caw” (thank you). 

In fact, all the students were cawing in response to her questions.  The teacher either didn’t notice or didn’t mind, so I just sat there smiling, not sure whether I should apologize or translate.


Then during playtime one of Vincenzo’s buddies pretended to saw my head off with his hand.  Vincenzo yelled, “No!  Don’t saw her head off!  She gives me chocolate milk!”  I felt so…hm.  Loved isn’t quite the right word.  I felt so…utile?

Vincenzo got to bring in a treat for snack time and the class sang happy birthday to him.  He didn’t hear most of the kids’ singing because he was too busy reporting to the teacher that one student in particular was not singing happy birthday to him.  Vote Vincenzo for hall monitor!!


In the car on the way home Vincenzo informed me that it might “smell a little funky in here.”  That’s because he tooted.

He spent the afternoon attempting various tasks that have previously alluded him, like unwrapping a lollipop and washing his hands without standing on a stool, and then he’d look up at me like he had just seen a double rainbow* or something and yell, “Mom!  Look!  I can do it now!”


Later in the afternoon I heard banging and yelling from the bathroom because he had closed the door all the way and couldn’t open it.

At Chuck E. Cheese that night our friend asked Vincenzo if it feels any different to be five.  “Yes,” he answered.  “I’m bigger, I’m stronger, and I can do more.”  Then he proved his point with a ferocious display of his new five-year-old karate kicks.

It’s going to be one wild and crazy year.


Leftover Chuck E. Cheese pizza.  Double mmmmmmblech.


*Seriously, if you don’t know what I mean when I say “double rainbow,” click the link.

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