Christmas Party

Kevin and I had his company party a couple weekends ago.  I was dreading going because Microsoft parties had gotten to be so miserably miserable, but wow, Google throws a different kind of party.  Google put the A’s in PAR-TAY.  There was silent disco, a whole floor dedicated to Bollywood, henna tents, naan tents, caricature tents, photo booths, and people whose sole purpose was to make sure we were being fed a constant stream of macarons.  We only got three pictures from the night, but here they are.  Please note Kevin is holding his own “HUNK” sign in the first shot, not me.  (Or maybe it’s in reference to me?  I’m confused.)


We had 7 seconds to get props in between each photo; I didn’t even know Kevin was wearing a horse head in the last one until we looked at the pictures at the end.

It’s a slippery slope between photo booth fun and beastiality, people.  A slippery slope.

P.S.  I call him Whinny.

Chicken noodle soup
Biscuits and blackberry jam
Christmas cookies

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