And now for the exciting conclusion of our trip: Arches National Park. For this last leg, we fell into a pattern of driving a little ways, walking a little ways, taking two dozen photos,  repeating.


The first arch we hit up inside the park was Landscape Arch:


Unfortunately, I only remember the name of Landscape Arch, so I will make up names for the rest of them based on what we are doing in the picture.

Mom’s About to Do a Cheer Arch:


Skinny  Superheroes Arch:


Double Arch.* Or is it Triple Arch? I’m not sure if that little one counts. (By “little one,” I mean the hole in the rock; not Leo.)


Can Can Arch:


Behind the Arch:


Charlie’s Angels Arch:


The Gangsta’


Okay, technically no arch in that last photo, but there you have it. A quadruple blog post vacation, preserved here forever or until I stop paying for my MrsMouthy blog domain.

Oh! I almost forgot! The final arch:


Haven’t thought of a name for it yet, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

*“Double Arch” is actually a different arch in the park, but it applies here.

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