5 Random Things

Random thing #1:

Me to the boys: When I was a kid…
Boys: You mean in the 1900s?
Me: *moment of realization*
Me: Can we just say the 80s? So when I was a kid, in the eighties…
Boys: Nineteen eighties?

Random thing #2:

Sometimes when I’m making pancakes, or listening to the showers running in both bathrooms, or looking at the dozen socks strewn around the living room, I have a giddy moment. “I have kids. I have kids!” Like it’s a brand new realization. I have a husband! And a house! And kids! When and how did this happen?

(I am only being sarcastic about the socks.)

Random thing #3:

Me to V on his way to bed: Goodnight! Love you!
V: *crickets*
Me: Hey, why do you never say I love you back?
V: It loses effectiveness if you say it every night.

(This from the same kid who, when he was a toddler, wiped my kisses off his cheeks and claimed he was “rubbing them in.”)

Random thing #4:

Overheard, as a brother and sister rode bikes by my house:
Younger sister: Slow down! I’m just on a little kiddie bike!

Random thing #4

Overheard, as two sweet old ladies rode past me on the trail:
Sweet old lady: You’ll never f***ing beLIEVE what he said…

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