Happy Halloween!

This year we only have two jack-o-lanterns because Vincenzo brought his to a pumpkin carving party where they didn’t carve pumpkins but instead drove around thinking trying to find something to do until 11PM when they finally gave up, went to their respective houses, and played video games together. The pumpkin didn’t make it back.



Rocco carved his own this year! Leo’s is a “stripey shirt pirate” inspired by his role as Smee. (He didn’t want to get sued by Disney for calling it Smee.)

Boba is going as roadkill.


Matcha is going as Pet Mah Belly.


But the real reason I’m here today is to post a picture of my friend Laurie, wearing her own jack-o-lantern.


And this is why we have been friends for 26 years. (Good Lord! I met her in college, and it’s been 26 years? How old am I?!)

Dominoes pizza

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