First Day Pix

I’m doing better today. Cried off and on yesterday morning, then I sat down to  write for the first time in a month and realized how much I had missed it. It’s not all bad having the kids back in school! Instantly after having that thought, I began to feel anxious about writing tomorrow, which is now today. I sat down to write today and loved it. (!!) Currently, I am feeling anxious about writing tomorrow.

I’m beginning to think it’s not writing that’s the problem. You know what they say: No matter where you go, there you are.

But now, in a segment that causes me no anxiety at all, I present to you the Back to School Pix! The first three in the series are called: Leo has a Cracker in his Mouth




This next one is called Leo Ate the Cracker but You Really Can’t Tell


Here’s one called We Don’t Know if Leo has a Cracker in his Mouth


This one is called Now There’s a Bug on Leo’s Hand


And finally, a picture that has nothing to do with crackers or bugs or snide comments. I call it Untitled.


Also, when did Rocco start looking like a Nickelodeon boy?

Chicken yakisoba
Fruit salad
Chocolate cupcakes

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