Leo’s Golden, Double Digit Birthday

February 10th was Leo’s golden birthday, which I made the mistake of telling him is a thing that exists. Plus, he reminded me, he’d be turning double digits. This is going to be huge!  He began talking about having a live band for his party, and a circus, and sending personal limousines to pick up his friends. They guests be given real gold chains to wear! They’ll take home diamonds for their party gifts! And keep the limousines!

I  managed to talk him down a bit. This is what he woke up to:



A golden llama pinata stuffed with gold candy is almost as wild as the other plans, right?

He also got a very special treat. Something the boys never get to have. Something that only comes once in a lifetime for them.


A store-bought cake! He went for froyo: birthday cake and Oreo flavors, with marshmallow and caramel filling. It tasted…confusing.

Then for his party, he wanted to do Minecraft. Yes! I’ve done Minecraft parties and Minecraft play dates before! I can throw a Minecraft party in my sleep! The only thing I really had to put any effort into was the cake. He wanted one made out of Rice Krispies and brownies, like the one I made before. I told him I hadn’t made one before. I just put out cut-up brownies and Rice Krispies. I showed him a picture for proof:


He kept insisting I had made a full-on cake, but whatever. I went to the Internet for ideas, and I stumbled across this picture on a blog:


Wait—what? That’s my blog!

Sheesh, guys. I’m getting old.

But my cake skills are getting better! (Leo placed the figurines. It took every ounce of self-control to stop myself from turning the pig around.)


The rest of the party took care of itself. Square food on square plates, shooting creepers in the yard, playing Minecraft, you’ve seen it all before.



Planning two birthdays for one kid was exhausting (and expensive!). I thank my lucky stars that Rocco won’t have a golden birthday until he’s 24 and Vincenzo when he’s 29. I am hoping they have other people in their lives to make their birthdays special by then. I am very much looking forward to the limousine ride.


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