Christmas Tree Hunt

No, the hills are not on fire; this is just what it looks like when you live inside a cloud.


We don’t dream of white Christmases here. We dream of wet ones, because we don’t like to be disappointed.


But hey, a few clouds and puddles can’t dampen our spirits!

Except maybe this guy.*


He has the look on his face of someone who only uses a handsaw once a year.


Okay, so it was wet. So my husband made his usual comments about the perfectly fine pre-cut trees at Costco. So my kids are not ones to wear flannel shirts and knit hats and stripy scarves.


The day was not picture perfect, but you have to admit, these are pictures.


And they’re my kind of perfect.


Pasta with chicken sausage and broccolini
Pumpkin pie

*My overheard comment of the day was when Kevin walked past a group of people who were having a tough time figuring out what to do with the tree they had cut down. “Look, there are six of us here and that guy just walked by carrying a tree by himself. I’m sure we can figure this out…”

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