Halloween 2021

We are not a thematic family. You would be hard-pressed to come up for a theme that involves a penguin, a dragon, and Bob Ross.


I tried to tell Vincenzo Bob Ross was more of a blue denim shirt guy and he certainly wasn’t a gold chain guy, but V didn’t care. He liked his look.


He also could have called his costume “my dad as he would have been in the 70s,” as this was Kevin’s real hair in high school.

kevin hs

Seriously. I married that.

Back to Halloween: we had quite the crowd for pizza and trick-or-treating.


A couple of my favorite costumes:



Once the pizza was eaten and the candy was trick-or-treated, the kids all went to the basement, dumped their buckets, and began the economics lesson that we call “candy trading.”


It was like the stock market floor, with kids calling out names of candy bars and holding fingers in the air to show how many, everyone yelling at once, candy being tossed overhead, plus a healthy amount of jostling and grabbing. I missed filming most of the madness, so here is one of the milder moments:

And now Halloween is over, which leaves one question: Have you ordered your Christmas cards yet?

Jamaican “patties”
Roasted broccoli
Spanish rice
Candy shop pizza

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