Sweet 16

Guess who turned Sweet 16?


Good guess!

I tried to embarrass him with the sign but he just looked out the window when he got up and said, “Cool sign!”


For his party we took his friends to play whirlyball, which is a combo of bumper cars, trackball, and basketball. The place was awesome! It had a roller rink feel and smelled just like 1984—popcorn, carpet, and fluorescent lights.


The only difference was that instead of standing around comparing their stone washed jeans and talking about Corey Haim, they all stood around and did this.


After they got their fill of whirlyball and curly fries (so many curly fries, so many, many curly fries) we went back to the house for pizza, and then the kids started spontaneously leg wrestling.


And then arm wrestling.


And then boxing.


And then someone claimed he was 5’8 and no one believed him so they all took their turns at the growth charts.


Then they wanted to go to the elementary school to play soccer in the dark, and at this point it was clear the adults were not in control and had to do whatever they said so we drove them down and Kevin stayed there in the cold, contemplating the decisions in life had led him to this moment. For three hours.

It was one wild and crazy party. Since then, half the group has bought boxing gloves and I heard them reminding each other to bring them to homecoming. And this is my quiet kid. These are the quiet friends! I can’t even think what Rocco’s 16th birthday is going to be like!

That was all a couple weeks ago, and I’ve had some time to reflect on the whole thing. So honestly, how was it, hosting a group of high schoolers for my kid’s 16th birthday?

It was a piece of cake.


One big, messy piece of cake that just might set the house on fire.


Happy 16th birthday, Sweet Baby D!

Costco pizza!

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