Magical Mt. Baker

I’m going to reverse time a bit here and take you back to the weekend before school started. Beedleeboop, beedleeboop, beedleeboop, (that’s the sound of time going backwards)—

–and here we are, deep in the heart of the very fringes of the north Cascades…


…peeing out gigantic streams of Monster Energy Drink.

McStreamy’s family rented a little house for our families that was straight from a fairy tale, with lots of nooks for reading and sleeping in, checkered flannel bedspreads, and sloped ceilings to really clinch the cozy feel. There was more charm in the cabin than in the charm necklace I had in 1987. (Remember those?)


The boys instantly fell upon a box of baby toys that kept them happy for several hours.


After our porridge the next morning (we were careful not to leave any out, as Goldilocks seemed like a real possibility here), we set out for the river.


On the way, we met this little guy. He was probably a prince, but we’ll never know, as no one wanted to kiss him.


And, surprise! We’re here already, at the Mighty Nooksack!


Kevin had a way of saying “Nooksack” that made it sound like a dirty word, so let’s try to ignore him and enjoy its beauty for a bit.

That’s the way, Vincenzo!


Leo channeled the spirit of the river nymphs.


Rocco failed to not look awkward, despite my instructions on leg arrangement. (This is not what I instructed him to do.)


I don’t know where he gets it from.


I went to join Kevin and this happened.


That’s just the kind of magical weekend it was.





(Still working on the leg placement.)

Thank you for a memories, McStreamy, and for the photoshopping. Just to be clear, there was no photoshopping present in this post. I’m just saying it in general.

Apricot chickpea soup
Grilled cheese
Santa Claus melon, whatever that is
Nectarine blackberry cobbler a la mode

One thought on “Magical Mt. Baker

  1. Thank you for following us into the woods for one last wonderful weekend of summer before school!

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