When we booked a house at Leavenworth last fall, we didn’t stop to ask ourselves, “Will the temperature be above 110 degrees in July?” We also didn’t stop to ask ourselves, “Does the house have AC?” The answer to the first question, you probably know, is yes. And the answer to the second, you probably guessed, is no.

The trip was incredibly awesome anyway—all my siblings, parents, and nieces/nephews (21 of us!) in a house with a pool on a river in the mountains. There’s so much that could have gone wrong, but instead there were so many things that went right.

Except the things that went wrong.

Like the pool water being so murky we couldn’t see our feet.


(Where even are their legs?)

And the deck that dealt out splinters like dollar bills at a strip club.


We had to open a 24-7 ER for splinter removal.

And the mosquitoes. The MOSQUITOES! The river was a breeding ground for them. By the time we walked the little path to the river, we were weak from blood loss. To sit and enjoy the view was certain death.


Do not be fooled by the serenity of this picture. There are a zillion bloodthirsty little buggers hiding in those bushes.

They didn’t just keep to the river either. In the morning we’d look out the windows and a dozen mosquitoes would be bumping into the window, asking, “You guys open yet?”

But really, the point is, so much went right on our trip.

Like discovering a meat-only vending machine.


And like when we passed my dad coming up the drive and asked if he had any Grey Poupon and he handed this over.


(Tru-ish story: Dad drove two hours home and then two hours back to get that mustard out of his fridge. There was about an inch of mustard in the container.)


An there was Kevin, exerting his dominance over everyone smaller than him in the pool and insisting they call him Uncle Scupper.



Uncle Scupper and the Missus:


The vacation weekend made it feel like old times, when pandemics existed only in movies and masks were something you wore at Halloween.  Pictured below: Leo and Shelby blowing into both ends of a water noodle, signaling the official end of quarantine.


The kids fell into a glorious routine of swimming, Dungeons and Dragons, screen time, Legos, pool, Dungeons and Dragons, screen time, Legos, pool…you could feel the world spinning as you watched them go round and round.



They also spent a good deal of time looking for Waldo…


and playing games…


and trying to eat their ice cream cones fast enough.


Our final night there, my dad brought a water balloon launcher.



My brother & co provided the targets.


Needless to say, there were shenanigans and the targets ended up thoroughly soaked.

This has been a tricky trip to blog. There were too many inside jokes, too many gruesome pictures of splinter operations, too many moments that were meant for just being inside of and can’t be blogged about. I’ve spent about 5 hours on this post trying to write it all out but the moments lose all their funny. It’s driving me crazy not to be able to write them out! So here are some pictures that may or may not spark a funny yet un-writable memory for you.


Bucket hat:


They said they were just doing their job, but the timing of this log removal felt personal to those of us there.




My brother, spraying the children with pesticides to get a good photo:PXL_20210630_020333532.PORTRAIT

Random tiny babies:PXL_20210630_234902679.PORTRAIT






Nothing! Maybe we’ll walk to the taco truck?

One thought on “Leavenworth

  1. Thanks for the fun-filled memories—spun with the special Mrs Mouthy sense of humor— of our VERY fun-filled family vacation,

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