Easter ‘21

Is it a sign your kid is getting too old for egg decorating when he gets too tall for the pictures?


Well, at least two of them still fit.



Of course, those two lasted about 30 seconds before the egg decorating devolved into this:


On Easter Eve those same two went to a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt…


…which quickly devolved into this:


Then I went home and worried because Leo still believes in the Easter Bunny and he’s old enough I should probably tell him, but as a sweet, fragile soul, he will be crushed to find out the truth. But in the midst of all my worrying, he popped into my room and said, “I think it’s funny that I don’t believe in magic, but I do believe in Santa. Unless Santa is your parents…” He got about three words into asking The Question before he decided against it, but the way he said those three words told me he knows, and he knows I know he knows, and it’s more like a fun joke than a soul-crushing truth. My kids have all handled this so much better than I did! I went to sleep on Easter relieved that I won’t have to pull the whole “I Love You Forever” stint and creep around Leo’s house playing Easter Bunny when he gets married and moves out.

The important thing is, the Easter Bunny came anyway,  even with everyone knowing what everyone knows.

You can see by his hair how fast Leo was going on the egg hunt.


Kidding! His hair always does that.


It’s enough to make Rocco’s hair look  calm and mild-mannered.


Vincenzo looked more like a bleary-eyed parent on Easter morning than a 15-1/2-year-old.


I didn’t get the perfect Easter picture, but I got one that manages to capture all three boys’ personalities: one grinning mischievously, one hiding in the background, one exuding confidence.


Yup. And that’s about it.

Fridge and freezer dive:
Hot dogs
Fried rice
Baked potatoes and creamed eggs
Girl Scout cookies

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