A Conversation

Rocco, after looking through Lego magazine: When is Mother’s Day?
Me: Tomorrow. I hope you got me something!
Rocco: No, really when is Mother’s Day?
Me: Sunday. You have one day to get me something.
(At which point Rocco went to the computer to find out the answer himself.)
Rocco: Oh no! We missed it!

It took a long time to sort it out after that. I kept laughing about the whole “we missed it” thing, Rocco kept feeling badly that he missed it and wondering how it could have happened. “You missed it by ten months!” I said. He seemed confused. I explained to him the cyclical pattern of seasons, months, and days, and how Mother’s Day happens every year, not once in a lifetime. He’s actually two months early for Mother’s Day. And finally the reason for his confusion surfaced.

Rocco: Ohhhh. I thought we were in May.
Kevin: Ah yes, March and May are both months that start with “m.” Like Manuary.
Me: Every month is Manuary.

Then Rocco pulled Kevin into a different room to show him the perfect thing I absolutely must have for Mother’s Day. From a Lego magazine.

The ironic thing is that, after all this, there’s still a good chance he’ll forget Mother’s Day.

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