Barely Even a Blog Post

Sorry guys, no time to blog lately! It’s not that I don’t want to, just that life is busy. For example, our cloffice looked like this when we woke up:


And now it looks like this.


Also, my bedroom looked like this in the morning (minus the fan—it’s an old picture)


And now it looks like this:


Between all that plus  cooking, cleaning, exercising, writing, scrapbooking, gardening, and general momming, my to-do list is long—but hey, at least I can cross “blogging” off it!

Sesame noodles with chicken
Florida lemon bars

2 thoughts on “Barely Even a Blog Post

  1. Kevin wanted to remodel (I know, right?!) since he spends so much time in there now, and he decided to have someone take out the hallway closet so we can have more room in the cloffice. I am not a person prone to hives, but if I were I would have broken into them. Shortly after, I had a meltdown about where we’re going to put the TV trays and I removed myself entirely from the project. We’re having CA closets come install some stuff that honestly doesn’t look all that different from what we have in there right now. But Kevin never asks for anything, so I hope it turns out nice for him.

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