A Thing We Did

We did a thing! We did a thing! We left our neighborhood! I finally have something to blog about!

Last weekend, we headed into the mountains for Suncadia, which is known as a wintry wonderland this time of year. Unfortunately, it’s been a warm winter, so there wasn’t a ton of snow.

Here was Sunday’s attempt to sled.

It’s a good thing we brought inner tubes along, as we had more opportunities to float than to sled.


Our spirits were dampened when we realized we were floating in what looks to be the remains of Frosty.


The next day we found a new hill!!

I know this looks like a pleasant glide, but it felt out of control and death-defying. I honestly don’t know why the video makes it look so calm!  All the mushy snow of the previous day had turned into icy concrete. After we each took a trip down and saw our lives flash before our eyes (some people’s runs were longer than others’), I imagined all the horrible things that could happen to us, two broken legs  being on the lighter end of the list, and we decided to continue our search for the perfect sledding spot. The boys found this one all on their own.

Despite all the videos of outdoor “fun,” mostly, we just stayed inside and did this.


In fact, the hardest thing about the trip, other than the snow on that second hill, was the drive there and back, when we had to unplug the pinball machine.

What brave little heroes.

Cheeseburger soup
Honey wheat bread
Roasted cauliflower
Rice Krispie Treats

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