Patriotic Voices

Tonight, I share with you a few conversations from this historic inauguration day. They are not only humorous, but are also proof that maybe it’s time to stop playing pinball and read a book or something.

Exhibit A:

A dinner conversation between me, Rocco, and Leo:
Me: Do you know what is so historic about this election?
Leo: That it’s the first one during quarantine?
Me: Well yeah, but any other reasons?
blank stares, all around
Me: Here, let me help you figure it out. Do you know who the new vice president is?
Rocco: Donald Trump?
Me: [incredulous stare, followed by an explanation] Let’s back up. Do you know who Trump’s VP was?
Rocco: That one I know. Joe Biden.
Me: [smashes head into hands, provides more explanations] I’ll just tell you. Our new vice president is Kamala Harris. Do you know why that’s historic?
Leo: Because she’s a girl.?
Me: Right. The first girl VP. And she’s also Asian and black. We did have a black president before, though. You remember who that was, right?
Me: [reminds self they are just children and they are very breakable] 

Exhibit B:

10 seconds later
Me: It’s also historic that Biden has the first person with Native American heritage in his cabinet.
Leo: Well, it must be a very big cabinet.

Exhibit C:

A conversation with Leo, who is 8:
Me : Can you believe Donald Trump was president for half your life? You’ve only had 2 presidents so far.
Leo: Who was the other one?
Me: Obama. Do you know how long he was president?
Leo: No.
Me: 8 years.
Leo: So I’m 12?
[Also, it should be noted that we had this conversation earlier in the day, before the conversation where he guessed that MLKJR was our first black president.]

Exhibit D:

A comment made while watching the Parade Across America, somewhere around North Carolina:
Rocco: Are they going to do all the countries?

Exhibit E:

A question:
Me: What do you think Donald Trump’s doing tonight?
Leo: Playing video games?

Exhibit F:

A follow-up question:
Leo: Can I play video games?

So as you can see, intelligence is low, but morale is high in our house tonight.

Thai chicken salad (thanks for the recipe, K!)
Chocolate hazelnut cookies served with a sigh of relief

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