I went to return books at the library and found this sign:


Kevin said, “Someone’s definitely pooped in the book return.”

Found on the inside of a different port-a-potty:


(Huzzah to all you Hitchhiker fans who know who this is!)

Just outside the port-a-potty was a lake:


with a sign:

dog sign

Vincenzo: I guess they don’t allow dogs to walk on water here.

Leo has gotten into my resistance bands lately. I found him like this:


Me: Leo, are you in a band?

It’s not as bad as the Dad jokes Kevin’s been throwing around lately, like when he asked what he should feed the kids for breakfast and I said. “Anything you can toast.” When I came into the kitchen later, Leo was eating a bowl of pasta. I raised my eyebrows at Kevin.  He held up the bowl pasta. “A toast to you, pasta, for you are  soft and chewy and delicious.” Just to drive the point home, he then challenged the bowl of pasta to a footrace, and when Kevin won, he yelled to the bowl of pasta, “You got toasted!”

Guys, I think quarantine is winning.

Butternut squash gnocchi with fried sage
Teriyaki pork loin
Buttered green beans
Caramel apples

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