Writing Partner

My boys are very chart-driven. When I printed out the 1,000 minute library chart the first week of summer, they’d come into the kitchen, say, “Hey Google! Set timer for 5 hours!” Then they disappeared into their rooms for 5 hours. After four days of this, they had finished their charts and were asking me to print new ones.

This week, Leo decided to make a writing chart so he can write books and get them published. This, despite the fact that he claims to hate writing. This, despite the fact that he sees me struggle with writing on a daily basis and get beaten down bycold, hard rejection whenever I make an attempt to get published.

Nonetheless, there is a chart.


(Maybe next time I’ll make him a “neatly coloring in squares” chart, as that seems more prudent at this point.)

Now we sit, laptop to laptop, and write together. It’s a dream come true. Occasionally I look over his shoulder to see what he’s working on. He’s mainly typing in all the stories/paragraphs he wrote in school last year, so it’s really just typing practice., but still. I’m no longer writing alone. There is someone else struggling right beside me (mainly because he can’t find the letter “p” or something).

Here’s my favorite line he’s written in one of his MeowMeow stories:

The fish held out a ice cream cone and a coconut. MeowMeow ate it (everything but the fish).

And here’s a favorite from his piece on brains:

Two major furrows lateral sulcus are arbitrarily used to divide each Hemisphere into four sections: the frontal lobe, occipital lobe, parietal lobe and temporal lobe.

Or, er, maybe the next chart should be for plagiarism points?

Ceviche fish tacos
Cumin black beans

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