We told Rocco he couldn’t have a party because of quarantine.  Instead, we’d go to the beach in the morning, then his friends could drive by and wave in the afternoon. Rocco was bummed out, but he understood, in his typical, roll-with-the-punches way.

And then, the day of his birthday, when we got to the beach…SURPRISE!


(The actual surprise part was a lot louder and more violent than this picture shows.) Yes, his birthday present from us was a small breach of quarantine.

It was 9AM. It was cloudy and cold. But within five minutes of getting there…



The words “relaxing” and “day at the beach” do not go together in any way when it comes to my boys and their friends..


They really earned their Twinkies that day! (Yes, folks, instead of making a cake, I bought pre-wrapped Hostess treats. Look what you made me do, Covid!)

When I got pregnant with Rocco and realized he’d have a summer birthday, I was a bit sad for him, that he wouldn’t get to bring cupcakes to class on his birthday or to feel that he was king for a day, and that that they wouldn’t read his name over the announcements while his pals all slapped him on the back.

My lamentations were unnecessary–this kid doesn’t look like he’s missing a thing.


Except his lower half, of course.


Sometimes I wish I were my own kid.


Chicken enchiladas
Refried beans
PB Rice Krispie Treats, if any of my kids can pull themselves away from video games long enough to make them

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