No big stories this week, just a few random funnies.

1. Leo, yesterday at 8AM:  Mom, want to take shots with me?
(He meant on our basketball hoop.)

2. Vincenzo: I’m right-handed. I just prefer to use my left hand.

3. Leo: Talk to my fist because my face is busy!
Vincenzo: I’m not talking to your fist without my lawyer!

4. Leo, coming inside (and in a shaky voice): Rocco discomplimented my Sneek.

5. Me, scrambling to keep all the apples from tumbling out of the bin at the grocery store: I almost caused an apple-anche!

6. A snippet of a conversation the boys and I had about presidents

Me: I don’t remember who became president when JFK was shot…
Leo: I think that was Barack Obama.
Me, after his brothers stopped laughing: There was a bit more time between those two presidents. JFK was president when your grandparents were little, in the 60s.
Vincenzo: Yeah, because he was president during WWII.

(Vincenzo, I should point out, spent all of springs studying WWII.)

Chef’s salad
Roasted broccoli
Silken tofu chocolate mousse

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