Father’s Day 2020

It was all about the food, partly because Kevin loves food but mostly because quarantine hasn’t left us with many other options. (Eating’s still okay, right? Can someone check to see if eating is okay in Phase 2?)

The boys made him DAD sausages for breakfast. How can you tell a DAD sausage from a regular one? Easy!


(There’s a lot of sausage in that picture, if you stop to think about it.) (Please don’t stop to think about it.)

For lunch, we surprised Kevin with a trip to Arby’s. Not that crappy RB’s knock-off stuff, either.


For dinner, we made him megetables. Marrots, specifically.  For those of you not familiar with megetables, they are a concept created (but not made) by Arby’s. The vegetarians get to have fake meat made from vegetables, but what about the carnivores? What do they ever get? So Arby’s jokingly invented the “megetable”—a vegetable made of meat. Then somebody on YouTube created a recipe and that brings us up to current time.

Here’s a picture of what we were going for.


I had to buy carrot powder to make the marrots, which, naturally, came in 5 ounce containers for $20 or 16 ounce containers for $13. I stashed the (full pound) of carrot powder in the pantry and every time I spied it there, I imagined the smile on Kevin’s face come Father’s Day.


Well that’s weird. I guess he used up all his smiles earlier?

The resemblance was so striking, I bet you can’t even pick the real carrot out of the gang!


Okay, so they look good, but how do they taste?

Mmmm—a bit like chicken.

Also, is “dry” a flavor? Aggressively dry? Because these should come with a label that reads, “Take with 8 ounces of water.”

The only thing that would help this post really capture the day is if it were playing  Cat’s in the Cradle on repeat, as that’s the song we had playing at our house all day.

I didn’t ask Kevin, but I think I can speak for him when I say this was the BEST Father’s Day ever.

Also, does anyone want 15.5  ounces of carrot powder?

Chicken in rice with Indian flavors
Corn chowder
Marrots (I know—I can’t believe we had leftovers either!)
3 half-eaten Arby’s sandwiches (see above parentheticals)
Paremsan broccoli
Cherry-chocolate ice cream sundaes

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