In the midst of all the scariness and hurt going on in the world, I got to sneak away and do a newborn family photoshoot for my mom’s neighbor. Today I’m sharing some of the pictures with you–a moment of beauty in a time when beauty is hard to find. I’ve never gotten so many keepers from a shoot before. The lighting was just right, the Mom had chosen a fairy tale park and a goddess dress, and she and her family just new how to work it.

(Before you get too worried, I did wewar a mask and kept my distance. The close=up shots were done with a zoom lens and/or photoshop. The hardest part of this photoshoot was not getting the newborn snuggles that usually come with doing a baby photoshoot!)


IMG_3020a 8x10IMG_3021aIMG_3028aIMG_3039aIMG_3080aIMG_3133aIMG_3137aIMG_3151a4x6IMG_3155aIMG_3182aIMG_3261a

(The last picture was super challenging, as it was the end of the shoot and Baby was not happy. Her mom stuck a bottle in her mouth, pulled it out, then ran while I moved in and shot as many pictures as I could in the five seconds before she started crying again. Totally worth it. I love that Baby’s mom wanted me to leave in the milk drips on her chin.)

Pad Thai with tofu
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

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