The Winner!

And the winner of the perler bead naming challenge is…McStreamy! She was not only the contestant with the most correct answers, she was also the most beautiful, smartest, most talented, the tallest, the shortest, and the dumbest contestant. She was the only contestant! Her answers were alarmingly correct. The only thing she messed up was the grenade (#4) and the teacup-near-a-fence (#5) which, to be fair, is pictured sideways. How she ever knew that #2 was a happy seal and #7 was a Skittle are beyond me. She most definitely should see a therapist.

perler beads

LMK what recipe you want, McStreamy. Since you entered your answers twice, you can pick two: entree, salad, or cookie.

Now for the Covid 19 update from Mrs. Mouthy’s house.

Rocco’s hair is not handling the quarantine as well as the rest of us. It has some very strong opinions about where it would like to be.


Every time I look at him, this is what I see, which makes me laugh.


But this is what I remember, which makes me smile.


His hair is as strong-willed as the penguin—er, boy—whose head it sits upon.


Never change, Rocco. Never change.

Fettuccini with lobster sauce
Garlicky green beans
Fresh fruit
Butterscotch poundcake

One thought on “The Winner!

  1. Whoohooo!!! I WIN!!! Take that, losers! Oh, wait, if I entered twice (and have no idea how that happened because I only typed my answers once) am I the winner and the loser? The last recipe I got from you broke my mixer so maybe that will be the real surprise?

    Dang it! I totally see the teacup now!

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