Mrs. Mouthy has AGED!

Q: How was your birthday, Mrs. Mouthy?
A: It was awesome! Kevin and the boys decided to stay home with me all day!

The day started with Kevin making me crumpets, which, he said, was two gifts in one: not only did I get breakfast in bed, but he also used up the last of the sourdough starter that kept creeping out of its container and declaring itself Lord of the Fridge.

The boys made cards. Leo went the minimalist route and wrote all of 15 words on a piece of printer paper.


If this were being sold at a store, it would be in the “Blank Inside” section.


And the back (which was technically the front, as the card opened backcwards.)


Of the 15 words he wrote, one was a brand new one: dishises. I can’t think of a better gift for a writer than a brand new word.

Vincenzo’s card carried through with the graphite-on-white color scheme. He had tried to draw a face mask but decided it looked like a banana, so he drew a series of pictures to show it was not a banana.


If his card were being sold at a store, it would be in the “Awwww” section.


Rocco’s card speaks for itself.


That kid gets me.

Speaking of yeast, thank you to my lovely friends and family who stopped by and left gifts six or more feet away from my front door.


It looks like a lot, but seriously, this stuff is disappearing in my house quick as buttered toast! Next time I blog, I’m going to write about how hard it is to find $100 bills around here.

The boys also made me a cake, all by themselves!


It came complete with its own mess for me to clean up!


But it was worth it, because it was my favorite cake ever.


Not only did it taste amazing and look amazinger, it made them say, “How the heck does Mom do this?!”

The day ended with a board game in which all of us cheated so badly, somehow we all won.

It was definitely my best quarantine birthday ever.

Orecchiete with broccoli and sausage
Fresh fruit
Pink sprinkle chocolate poo cake

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