Camped out in Coronaville

So here I am, blogging from the epicenter of the coronovirus in Kirkland, WA. Please apply your surgical masks now.

Some people around here are kind of freaking out and some are not, and while I understand both, I’m in the latter category. (I save most of my freaking out for last-minute schedule changes and underbaked souffles.) I totally get the scare, but it’s also weird, like a snow day without any snow. Or like playing a game of hide and seek and you’re not sure if anyone’s still looking for you. Or like loading up your car with everything you’re going to need for a week’s vacation, then sitting in the driveway, for the entire week instead.

Mostly things are normal. We wash our hands more, I actually use those sani-wipes to clean the grocery cart handle, and we give our apples a soapy bath before eating them. My hands are so dried out from all the sanitizing you could light a match on them. But otherwise,  pretty normal.  Except one of Vincenzo’s friends is wearing latex gloves at school and a supply cabinet at the hospital got raided of all its surgical masks. Also, stores ran out of bananas, milk, white bread, and sanitizer and they now accept toilet paper as a form of payment.

At my boys’ school, activities that are directly before or after school are still on, but ones in the evening and weekends are canceled. You can substitute teach at a school but you can’t volunteer. Kids can play together at recess but Little Buddies is canceled. I guess our strategy is more to confuse the coronavirus rather than stop it entirely?

There are some advantages to our self-imposed semi-quarantine, like there’s lots of parking at the mall. The locker room at my gym is much calmer without the 50 elderly ladies who mob it after water aerobics. Also, I eat wheat bread now!

But otherwise, like I said, things are mostly normal. The kids come home from school and walk through the Purell car wash-like thing we rigged up outside our front door, we peel off and discard our outer layer of skin, then we all take turns in the bath tub with the apples.

It’s not a bad way to go.

Though if the Coronavirus is listening– I’m not ready to go quite yet!

Chocolate cake with 7-minute frosting

One thought on “Camped out in Coronaville

  1. Laughter is good for the soul, thanks Rachel. With all my volunteer activities cancelled, I have lots of time on my hands. I’m already getting bored, so I went out and bought some yarn for crochet projects…..and I don’t even really like to crochet!

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