Pokemon Party

I did it! I threw an at-home birthday party and I didn’t go over the top!

Now, in the past I have made promises to myself and the general public to take things down a notch, but then I’d get swept up in the big birthday party planning wave and next thing you knew I had repainted the house and bought a miniature pony farm to go with the theme.

But not this time!

Leo chose Pokemon for his theme. Here’s a picture of the decorations.

404 Error: File not Found

Oh, right…I didn’t PUT UP any decorations!!! I’m so chill!

I had to squish all the thematic food to one section of the island instead of it stretching from from end to end. Go me! I resisted the urge to cut honeydew to look like Bulbasaurs or assemble the blueberries into Blastoises.


I didn’t even make homemade Peeps—I used the store bought kind! (Kevin named these guys “Peepachus.”)


I couldn’t help but make a cake, of course. I mean, the whole reason I had kids is so I could bake cakes for them.




For party games, I sent the boys on a scavenger hunt. And if the clues happened to be rhyming poems, that was purely incidental.


They did Pokemon energy sorting with Skittles, using plain, unmarked, drugstore plastic cups.


And they played Pokemon Pong.


(I wish I could be there the day my boys are at college and someone pulls out the red solo cups and ping pong balls and they say, “Oh, Pokemon Pong! I love Pokemon pong!”)

(Also, yes you do see a couple decorations in the above picture, but the sign was borrowed and crepe paper doesn’t count.)

I promise I’m not writing this post facetiously—this party was super scaled down, despite the well-meaning parent who kept exclaiming, “This is so amazing! I can’t believe you did all this! You are so amazing!” I wanted to say, “Pipe down! You’re blowing my cover!” But I figured a few compliments wouldn’t hurt.

Despite  the lavish praise, I had a lot of fun.

And I think these guys did, too.


Heart-shaped calzones
Regular-shaped Salad
Heart-shaped sugar cookies

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