Vincenzo and his friends spent a couple hours sledding unchaperoned yesterday. He came back and said he had a great time and mumbled something about how they had built a snow man. “Fun!” I said. An hour later, I got a text from V’s friend’s Mom.

Her: Did you see what they built?
Me: No. Why?


I call it simply “Snowballs.”

Please note: my son is not in this picture and said he had no part of building the Snowballs. Good, I said. Someone needed to be on lookout, as this was built on a CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY CAMPUS.

I showed the picture to my mom, who needed an explanation and who then said, “Well, they must have had a ball building it.” She didn’t understand why I started cracking up, so I needed to explain that to her, too. (This is the same Mom who named our cat “Kinky” because the cat had a crooked tail and Mom didn’t know kinky could mean anything else.)

Well, anyway, at least we can all agree that yesterday’s snow day had a happy ending.

(Mom, DON’T CALL  if you need an explanation on that one.)

Apricot chickpea soup
Roasted cauliflower
Chocolate lava cakes

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