Just Another Mouthy Monday

Me, to my banana-averse husband: If I were on my deathbed and with my final breath of air I said, “Kevin, my dying wish is that you eat a banana every day for the rest of your life,” what would you do?
Kevin: I would kill you before you finished the sentence.

(It’s disturbing how quickly he came up with the answer.)

Last week Rocco came out of his room and said he had a few extra minutes, so he made me something to help with my writing.


It’s a chart showing the different genres, what to do for each one, and how to do it, and it is definitely one of the top 5 things I’ve ever gotten from one of my kids.

Also, hey look! I finished another scrapbook for my kids to avoid look through at all costs! Seriously—they’ll ask me what they can do to earn video game time and I’ll say, “You could see how many pencils you can stick up your nose or you could scrub toilets using your favorite stuffed animal or you could  look through a scrapbook,” and they’ll show up with BunBun tucked under one arm, asking for the toilet cleaner and a box of pencils.

Hopefully posting a few of my faves from 2018 won’t send you looking for a dirty toilet to clean.










Crab cakes
Lemon spaghetti

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