Halloween 2019

And finally, the thing you have all been obsessively refreshing my site for: the Halloween post!!! 

I am a huge fan of Halloween. All you have to do is read the past 12 years’ worth of Halloween posts to know how much I love it. It’s a serendipitous holiday. There is no planning of menus, no stressful gift buying, no company parties squeezed in between neighborhood and friend and family parties. Halloween just shows up on your door like a trick-or-treater and is happy with whatever you stick in its bucket–as long as it doesn’t have razor blades in it.

I wish I could post the video I took of the 2nd graders lining up to go in from recess. They started chanting, “PAR-TY, PAR-TY, PAR-TY” and jumping up and down and you would have thought the Jonas Brothers were on the other side of the door (NKOTB for the older crowd). It had a bit of a “blood will be shed” feeling which made me a little uneasy standing in the middle of it, but not as uneasy I as felt for the teachers when they opened the doors. My Uneasy Meter went straight to max. But fortunately no one got hurt and the only blood that got shed was of the fake, costume store variety.

The only thing maybe louder than those 2nd graders was our basement a couple hours later.

We had I-don’t-know-how-many people over for pizza and trick-or-treating. Seriously. One f the kids in this picture didn’t even belong to any of us.


Princess Jasmine’s parents were outside, frantically looking for her before someone realized she was inside a stranger’s house, trading candy with a dozen kids she didn’t know.

My favorite childhood Halloweens were spent in the similar candy-induced, piano-banging, chair-spinning chaos, set among the backdrop of steaming apple cider and gooey popcorn balls. Seeing my kids in such a blissful state and knowing exactly what that feels like?


Chicken sausage stew in pumpkin bowls
Fresh vegetables
Candy shop pizza

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