You’ve Got Mail!

Ah! Sorry for the delay between posts! I have a Halloween one but can’t figure out how to insert a very loud video in it, so keep checking your mailboxes!

BTW, remember when “You’ve got mail” brought a little skip of joy to our hearts? Maybe it was a letter from a friend or a hello from your mom or love note from your crush. I know this really happened because there was a movie about it starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. Now anytime I get an e-mail notification I still get that little, “Oo! I’ve got mail!” feeling. I open it only to find out I can view this month’s bank statement or I forgot to publish an article in the newsletter or there are 22 more things to add to my calendar. Opening an e-mail message invariably leaves me feeling disappointed. If only I could let go of the expectation it’s going to be something special but—oo! Just a minute! I’ve got mail!

Oh. It’s time to schedule my fall roof and gutter cleaning. Sad smile

Could you imagine a movie made these days about opening e-mails?

Also: I accidentally typed newsletter with an “m” when I first wrote that paragraph, and I regret fixing it. I think from now on I’m going to call it the mewsletter.

Also also, one of my favorite text typos last week was, “I’ll get back to you after I get home to wipe.” I can’t remember what I was really trying to type, but it couldn’t have been as good as that.

And since we’re being random here, my sister got me a lime tree this summer. The tree became so heavily laden with fruit last week that they literally started dropping off it. So many limes!


(Vincenzo has grown so much this fall that his giant hand makes the limes and my feet look miniature.)

Butternut squash with sausage
Salad with pomegranate, pepitas, and gorgonzola cheese
Candy shop pizza

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