Last weekend went to AZ to visit a friend. My friend specifically–Renee. It’s crazy, this world. Renee and I met in the virtual world, back when everyone and their mother had a mom blog. Ten years later, I have a soulmate kind of friend and am writing a novel that wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for her. (Both she and my main character, Thea, are going blind.) It’s crazy this chains of events, these things we do for one purpose that end up leading us to a completely different purpose.

Favorite conversation of the weekend was how no matter what she dresses as for Halloween, everyone always thinks she’s a blind witch or a blind pirate or a blind sexy Trump (she is probably going to shoot me for that one). We talked about maybe including her cane in future costumes. Like she could be Charlie Chaplin or a teenage mutant ninja turtle with a combat cane, or a sexy old man.

You see why we’re friends?

Along with catching up on convo, we also caught up on sun and sleep. So much sleep.







(It still wasn’t enough sleep for Leo.)


(It’s never enough sleep for Leo.)

We also got suuuuper caught up on waffles.



Also, there is a place called “Sodalicious.” This is a real thing! A place that sells just soda!


The only thing that would make this picture better is if Rocco was wearing a THUG LIFE shirt.


At the end of the weekend, Renee  gave me the biggest of hugs and told me to keep writing the book—that it has to be written, that the world needs it, and that I have her blessing. I needed that even more than I needed all the sun and sleep and soda.

And now we’re all caught up.

Chili with cornbread
Chicken noodle soup with homemade bread
PB Rice Krispie bars

*Fun fact: For years, Renee thought my “What’s Cookin’ 2nite” was just snarky sarcasm and that we were really eating, like tater tots for dinner. Another reason to love her. Smile

This is also probably my favorite blog post title ever.

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