Dear Vincenzo and Rocco

Today’s letter is inspired by previous years’ reports of, “I went the whole week without taking a shower!”


Hey boys! Today’s letter is a series of poems I wrote. See if you can fill in the blanks and also if you can guess the theme.

When haven’t washed in hours
And you smell like rotten flowers
Don’t just stand there waiting;
Get thee to a ___________!

When your counselor says P-U
And he’s looking right at you
Don’t just stand there stinking
Hurry to the __________!

When you’re feeling super grubby
And you need a little scrubby
Grab your bar of soap, love,
And hop into the ______!

When your teeth are cov’rd in moss
And red spaghetti sauce
Don’t just stand there smiling;
It’s time to brush and _______!

When your chin is wet with drool
And you look a messy fool
Here’s a fun idea:
Jump into in the __________!

When your friends all say, “Whoo-ee!”
And the fleas begin to flee
The only thing for you
Is to soap up in the _____________!

(The last one’s tricky. I’ll spell it backwards here in case you didn’t get it. A-E-S)

Did you guess the theme? Hint: it rhymes with “mersonal mygiene.”

Love you!


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