Hello mudda, hello fadda

Vincenzo and Rocco are at overnight camp this week, so welcome to a week of camp letters, from me to them.

Saturday, 8.10.19

Dear Vincenzo and Rocco,

Hope you had a great first day! We spent most of ours in Seattle buying a map for Leo’s room and saying “yes” to whatever he wanted. When we asked what he wanted for lunch he said that you two would probably go for sushi but he didn’t want sushi. He wanted a rocky road ice cream cone. We got him one, but we made him eat something more substantial first (he went for a chocolate crepe and an orange soda).

Maybe I shouldn’t tell you all this because it will make you want to stay home from camp next year. I promise to make tomorrow all vegetables, room cleaning, and losing battles for Leo, and we definitely won’t go to Chuck E Cheese and watch the new Spider Man movie.

Rocco, you can rest easy knowing we bought a new filter for the fish tank. We also considered buying King Bob a little friend at the pet store. He deserves a treat, after all–it’s been two whole months since he ate anyone’s eyeballs! But in the end we decided against it. We bought Leo a puppy instead. (Just kidding.) (They were all out of puppies.)

It’s 9:15PM now. Dad and I want to go to bed, but Leo is eating honey toast in his undies while explaining that the best way to get sap out of a tree is to get something really sharp and stab it first. I think we’ll lock our bedroom door tonight.



Salad with apples and pecans
Smashed potatoes
Chocolate peanut butter chip ice cream sandwiches

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