Lake Tahoe

Last week we left a rainy, wet Seattle for a week in Tahoe. We spent four days drying out our feathers with friends we knew when our kids still regularly pooped their pants in front of each other—when, that is, they were even wearing pants.

Our oldest ones are all 8th graders now, which gives me an existential crisis every time I think about it, and things are super different now than when the kids would crawl around the floor stealing binkies out of each other’s mouths. Instead, now they play volleyball together and challenge each other to games of chess and swim way more than one-arm’s-length away into the lake to a floaty island so far away we can’t eavesdrop on their conversations. It was sweet to see that despite how much they’ve grown and changed, they still have just enough in common to spend whole days together doing not much of anything.

Unless you count licking the powder out of the bottom of a tub of cheese balls “doing something.”


As for the adults, we never ran out of things to talk about. We talked about everything from face tattoos to butt tattoos. We talked about the way things used to be and the way thing are now, we shared our frustrations and worries, we asked advice and gave advice, we talked about our kids when we thought they weren’t listening.  It took four days of shoulder-to-shoulder and across-the-table  conversations to finally catch up. Our very last conversation right before leaving was  planning for when we can do it all over again. I guess that’s the sign of a great vacation. Or at least a sign of great friends.

Now I’m back home in Seattle and all I have to show for my vacation is a stupid tan. Well, that and a bunch of pictures, like this one of the two of my boys who didn’t scream when I asked if they wanted to have their picture taken:


My favorite pic from the week:


My favorite socks of the week:


After the “wheeeee!”


Seven children gathered around a beached merman:


A chess game that looks way more intellectual than it actually was:


Sleepy D:


Living room yoga with Yogi Kevin:


14 years’ worth of babies:


Like I said, we’re back in Seattle now and the rain cloud we left behind kindly stuck around to welcome us home. It’s just been that kind of summer:


So it’s good to know that at least for a little while, we also had this kind of a summer.


Going out—it’s date weekend!

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